Specchio Scuro: "The Puritanical Eye: Hyper-mediation, Sex on Film, and the Disavowal of Desire" by Carlee Gomes

Writing in Specchio Scuro, Carlee Gomes shares why it might be that sex scenes have nearly vanished from popular cinema and television, and what that might mean:

"These critics (and audiences today generally speaking) are only interested in a sanitized, moralized, and ideally, completely non-controversial experience with their media and art, an experience they readily commodify into an easily digestible opinion (or tweet, meme, headline) to exist as an artifact online, one that’s representative and reflective of their personal political and moral ideologies. They want a film (just like any other commodity they consume) to stand as a totem, a badge, for their specific belief system rather than challenge it (or not serve as representative at all). While these critics claim to be clamoring for the resurgence of the sex scene, they’re in fact affirming the perspective that is reflective of its demise and of audiences’ aversion to sex in film and media more broadly."