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Art In The Hallway

Note: This post is part of a year-long project in which I make notes of my final year working for the School District of Lee County, Florida. I think of this final of 35 years as my "senior year" as an educator. * * * This afternoon, I was making the long walk from Student Assignment (located at the outer end of one of the four main color-coded spurs of this building) to the Office of the Board Attorney (located at the outer end of another spur). The school district administration building used to be a regional shopping mall, and these hallways were once lined with shops. Thanks to the volunteer efforts of art teachers every summer, these long hallways are now instead lined with hundreds and hundreds of pieces of recent student artwork, which so far as anyone can tell makes this the largest collection of student artwork around these parts, maybe even across the state. These colorful collages, drawings, photographs, and paintings are a daily amazement to first-time visitors to