Bo Bartlett: "Huntsboro"

Bo Bartlett. (2021). "Huntsboro." Oil on linen. 70 in. x 120 in.

This painting is typical of Bartlett's work: dazzling daylight, idealized but detailed human figures set in wide swaths of color, and a strong sense that we are seeing a single frame from a longer and more detailed story. 

In this case, we are viewing the beachgoers as they view the scenery that we don't get to see. Why are we watching them watch the waves? One is gesturing with his hand as if he is speaking. What is he saying? To whom is he speaking? One person has rested his head on the shoulder of a companion. Is he listening to the speaker or is he just enjoying the moment? 

This painting comes from a series titled Things Don't Stay Fixed, which happens to be the same name of a movie directed by Bartlett in the same year this painting was made.  

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