The New Yorker: Retirement The Margaritaville Way

Nick Paumgarten writes in The New Yorker about a Florida retirement community built around the Jimmy Buffett mythos:

More than twenty million people a year pass through the doors of a Margaritaville-branded establishment. The company, with annual system-wide sales of $1.7 billion, licenses the name to restaurants, hotels, casinos, and resorts, and sells a wide array of branded merchandise: umbrellas, towels, beach furniture, bicycles, blenders, frozen shrimp, and Key-lime-pie mix. It recently announced plans to launch a cruise line. (Before that, Buffett himself had never been on a cruise ship.) Given the age of Buffett’s fan base, and the life style he’s hawking—as well as baby-boomer demographics—the move into active living was a natural one.

“Who knew people wanted to live in Margaritaville?” Buffett told me. “I thought for a while it was a myth.”

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