Still Life WIth Oranges

May I offer you an orange in this trying time?

These oranges were painted by Piet Mondrian in Amsterdam in 1899.

Oranges are a hybrid of the sturdy pomelo and the vivacious mandarin.

1899 was the same year that The Hague Convention was signed, which forbade the use of poisons, the killing of enemy combatants who have surrendered, looting of a town or place, and the attack or bombardment of undefended towns or habitations.

You'll be annoying if you insist at parties that oranges are a kind of berry but you won't be wrong.

1899 was the same year that Scott Joplin wrote "The Maple Leaf Rag."

Bergamot oranges are used to make Earl Grey tea so it seems likely that Captain Picard loves their zesty flavor.

1899 was the same year that the Zeppelin was launched, that the newsies went on strike, that modern geometry was developed, and the U.S. acquired Cuba from Spain.

One of the things made the Palace of Versailles so exceptional was its dazzling orangerie, which is how you say "orange grove" in Franch.

1899 is the same year that Princess Kaʻiulani died and Vladimir Nabakov was born.

Orange you glad I didn't say mango?