Dreams We'll Never See: A Working Halo

Okay, so it works like this:

There are actual halos, the glowing rings of celestial light that surround holy people in old paintings.

The beauty, radiance, and elegance of the halo reflects some combination of (a) how often the person has done something good for someone else, (b) how important those good works were, and (c) how recent the good works were.

Neglect a dog? Then your halo is nasty-looking.

Tutor a child? Then your halo gets spiffy and grand.

The halos can't be faked, can't be rigged, and can't be Photoshopped. What you do is what we see.

Everyone has a halo, it's just that some are drab and some really glow. This would really change dating and job interviews and court proceedings and elections and so on.

– J.F. "Jeff" McCullers

* * * * *

Image: Fresco of S. Benedict by Fra Angelico. (1441). Convento di San Marco, Florence