• Competitiveness: Make the District a place where high performers want to work. Pay teachers and support employees better. Recognize that bonuses are not a substitute for professional compensation. Study, report, and act on retention and exit data.
  • Safety: Keep schools and students safe. Insist on an integrated approach that includes epidemiologists, medical doctors and nurses, mental health professionals, social workers, law enforcement, and community partners. Listen to experts. Listen to parents. Listen to teachers.
  • Teach for life: Prepare students for adult life. Focus on employability skills. Seek and support opportunities to enrich the curriculum and provide high quality, especially in art education, career education, STEM programs, exceptional student education, and alternative education. Provide teachers time to prepare students for work, for college, for entrepreneurship, for building families, for success in civic and social life — not just for state tests.


  • Professionalism: Support the professional and scholarly work of principals and teachers, including learning communities, action research, and advanced studies.
  • Stewardship: Ensure the best use of public funds, including focusing on real value in construction and transportation. 
  • Transparency: Expand and improve efforts to communicate with the public in plain language, and though a variety of means. 
  • Leadership: Encourage respect, frank dialogue, teamwork, and true collaboration among the Board. Create a Board culture that earns the respect of the public and of the District.


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