A Message from Jeff

The voters have chosen to stay the course and retain Melisa Giovannelli, the incumbent School Board Member for District 2. I have congratulated Ms. Giovannelli on her re-election, and wish her my best in leading the School District of Lee County for the coming term.

Although I am of course disappointed in this result, I am immensely gratified by the heroic efforts of so many supporters, benefactors, contributors, and champions. During the eighteen months of this campaign, I have strengthened old friendships, kindled new ones, and formed partnerships that will help me serve our community in ways yet to be discovered. I have spoken to thousands of people here in our county, and learned so much about their hopes, their concerns, and their vision for our schools. All of this has been a blessing to me, one that will endure for all my days.

I now depart the world of politics and return to my beloved wife Dona and to our dear children Ainsley and John, who have sustained me through the hard parts, cheered me through the fun parts, and patiently waited for me to return to them. I go to them now with joy and gratitude, and with my deepest thanks.

With best wishes to one and all,


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