A Message From A Former Student

Hi Friend,

My name is Joey Adams.

When Jeff McCullers was my teacher at Cypress Lake High School, he not only changed my life, I think he probably saved it. Now, I'm a proud volunteer for the Dr. John F. “Jeff” McCullers for Lee County School Board, Dist. 2 campaign working to help Jeff save our School Board.

Many fellow, former students and I volunteered for this campaign because we know Jeff will be a hero to all students in Lee County, like he was to us— if voters in our School Board District 2 put him to work.

In my final duty for the Dr. John F. “Jeff” McCullers for Lee County School Board, #2 campaign, it is my honor to personally deliver one last video message to you from Jeff. The link is here: https://youtu.be/oa5uaatDM5A

The November 3, 2020 general election is only a few short days away. Over the past seventeen months, Jeff McCullers has made his case asking for your trust to help him return honesty, experience, leadership, and integrity to the School Board of Lee County.

Although our grassroots, people-powered campaign is drawing to a close, Jeff has been fighting for our kids for over thirty-five years—nothing could stop him now! Jeff is working around the clock to turn out every last vote in our district on behalf of the students of Lee County.

Caring about kids and the education they receive has been the fuel for Jeff’s mission his entire career. For Jeff, jumping into the School Board race was never about politics. It is only about choosing what’s best for our kids. I know you share his goal.

Jeff will continue speaking his hopeful message of unity over division, loud and clear, for every resident in District 2 to hear until the last polls close Tuesday evening. This journey has been very long, but we can’t slow down. The decision you make this Election Day will impact an entire generation of children. The finish line is in our view. Can I count on you to help Jeff cross it? We can do this— but not without your help.

If you haven’t already voted early, please make sure to vote this Tuesday. And please, urge your family, friends, and neighbors to do the same. The schools our children deserve are possible—but it will take ALL of us working together. Jeff McCullers will be there to lead the way forward, like always.

If you’ve already voted for Jeff, thank you for raising your hand in support! We ask that you kindly share this message with someone who hasn’t yet cast their ballot in favor of a better tomorrow for our kids.

Less than 100 hours remain in this election cycle. Then, with your help, the important work of rebuilding a School Board fit for the amazing children, parents, and teachers it serves begins anew. 

Thank you for your time, attention, and your support. And most of all, THANK YOU for believing a better future is possible when we raise our hands — in unison — for the children we all love.

Stay safe and healthy!


Joey Adams

P.S. If you missed any of our previous video transmissions, please take a moment to watch them on Jeff’s YouTube channel:





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