Moving to a Virtual Campaign

Given the current public health emergency — including the closure of all public schools in Florida — I have suspended face-to-face campaigning.

A dedicated group of longtime friends and colleagues — Sharon Benner, Harriett Bohannon, Brenda Buckley, Jim Buckley, Jeananne Folaros, Ron Frazer, and Vicki Wilson — have put considerable time, effort, and money into arranging several local events for us.

One of the biggest was going to be a meet and greet at the Whiskey Creek Country Club on March 25th. That event, and all other face-to-face events, has now been postponed.

I was so looking forward to talking with you, and hearing about your priorities, and sharing what we can do together to help our school district be the best that they can be. Although I am disappointed that this kind of campaigning must be put off, I am confident that each of you will agree that health and safety is far more important right now.

Since I am one of three candidates challenging the incumbent, this is an uphill race. History shows that four-way local elections tend to be close, often decided by just a few hundred votes — or a few dozen.

Your support, therefore, is critical. Even though we will have to wait a while before we can get together to talk, please know that anything you do or say in support of our campaign will make a real difference. Every neighbor you tell about me, every social media post of mine you like, every contribution you make can get us closer to winning the day for our students and teachers and families.

I will continue to push for your interests in improving our school board leadership, in ensuring school safety, in promoting real transparency, in being conscientious with taxpayer money, and in raising public confidence in our school district. Since I won’t be shaking hands for a while, I will instead be working through e-mail and social media to make sure your voice is heard.

When our situation improves, we'll get together in person. For now, watch for posts online and remember to vote for John F. "Jeff" McCullers on August 18th! Thank you for your understanding and thank you for your support.


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